SunnCamp has been manufacturing outdoor products including Caravan Awnings, Motor Awnings, Trailer Tents and Tents for over 38 years. We also offer a vast range of camping/caravan accessories. Our objective is to produce and offer the best range of meticulously designed and exceptionally manufactured products whilst affording fantastic value for money, giving you and your family the best outdoor experience. Our products are designed in the UK and are manufactured from specially developed fabrics and boast a vast range of features and attention to detail.

Can I buy direct from you?

Sorry, you cannot buy direct from us.  We distribute our products to numerous retailers nationwide, their details can be found on our Stockist Page.

You are however able to purchase spare parts direct from SunnCamp and you should email us direct on

Can you send me a catalogue?

If you would like us to send you an Awning/Tent Catalogue, please contact us on

Are SunnCamp products suitable for seasonal pitches?

SunnCamp products have been designed especially for regular touring use, of usually around two weeks at a time. SunnCamp products are not manufactured with fabrics with the intended purpose of being erected for prolonged periods, i.e. in use for months on end
or all season. Any products that are damaged through being seasonally pitched, or their owners leave the awning unattended for extended periods, will have their warranty invalidated, as this is not their intended use. An awning manufactured as an all season awning should be purchased if you intend to erect your awning for prolonged periods/all season.

What height range do SunnCamp products fit?

Please refer to our awning/tent catalogue or main website listing for rail height specification.

Can I purchase an annexe for my awning?

Please refer to our awning/tent catalogue or main website entry for details of optional extras available.  Please note that in order for an annexe to be compatible with your awning, your awning needs to have a removable side door(s) that zips out where the annexe can be zipped in. 

Can I order on-line?

Most of our stockists offer on-line
purchasing.  Website addresses are listed where available on our Stockist Page.

Where is my nearest stockist?

Please refer to our Stockist Page.  If you need any further assistance, please contact us on

Where can I see a specific product erected?

Unfortunately, we do not have a Showroom, but it is possible to view products at one of our stockists.  We would recommend that you telephone the relevant stockist prior to your visit to ensure they have the relevant model on display. We are also represented at the Camping, Caravan and Motorhome Show which is held twice a year, normally in February and October.

Where can I purchase spare parts?

We stock spare parts for all current models and spares for most recent discontinued models. Please contact us on


Pitching instructions are supplied with all awnings and tents.

What is included with my Awning/Tent?

Pegs are included for main pegging points and a draft skirt (caravan awnings only). A list of optional extras relevant to your product can be found in our catalogue, this includes REAR PAD POLES and CANOPY POLES which are not included as standard.

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Please note due to our continuous product development, the product supplied may differ slightly from the one pictured. Any changes will not affect/impair the function.