Esteemed Air Luxury Breathable Carpet

Size: Size 13 (520cm x 250cm)

Product description

Luxury Padded Breathable Awning Carpet for the Esteemed Air Full Inflatable Awning

Complement your Esteemed Air with our specially woven carpet whilst adding a touch of luxury. 

Sizes Available: 

  • BC1033 Size 13 (520cm x 250cm)
  • BC1034 Size 14 (545cm x 250cm)
  • BC1035 Size 15 (570cm x 250cm)
  • BC1036 Size 16 (595cm x 250cm)
  • BC1037 Size 17 (620cm x 250cm)
  • BC1038 Size 18 (645cm x 250cm)